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Hit the right note with the perfect in-store playlist

Are you getting the most out of your in-store playlist? Here's how to strategically use music to influence customer behavior and enhance the shopping experience.


Crafting the Perfect Playlist

Choosing what music to play in your store isn’t just about putting together a list of chart toppers and calling it a day- that’s no different from what a radio station does.

Your choice of music should align with your brand’s personality, it’s relatability to your customers, and your marketing objectives.

Here are two actionable steps you can take today to improve your in-store playlist:

Use more unfamiliar songs

Brands usually play it safe by creating a playlist that is familiar.

However, studies show that when a store played a familiar song, people focused on the music and were less aware of the store’s offerings.

You may find value in minimizing the use of the biggest chart-topping hits and adding more lesser-known songs that fit your brand personality but are relatable to your target market.


Not only does this allow customers to be more aware of your promotions and offerings, you can also increase brand affinity.

By introducing your customers to new songs they might like, they leave your store with a positive experience of your brand and are more likely to shop with you in the future.

Choose the right music tempo

Creating an ambiance that enhances the customer shopping experience is just one part of a strategic in-store playlist. The other part should be to use music to influence shopping behavior.

A study conducted by marketing professor Robert Millman found that music tempo is an effective way to influence shopping behavior.


Millman concluded that  fast music seemed to quicken a shopper’s pace (ideal for fast food establishments that want to generate high turnover) while slow music encouraged customers to slow their pace, examine more items, and ultimately buy more (best for retail stores).



The right in-store playlist can be a simple but powerful tool to use in your business.

Stand out from your competitors and give your customers a memorable experience with these tips.

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