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Marico Data and Insights

Create a data-driven in-store playlist that achieves your sales and marketing goals
In-store radio without data
  • No clue on performance

  • Cannot measure KPI's

  • Wasted resources (time and money)

In-store radio with Marico Data and Insights
  • Measureable performance

  • Insights to improve content

  • Achieve ROI

How it works

1. Data Collection

Insurance Consultation

Our team conducts a 1 month in-store survey with your customers to find out if they are being influenced by the in-store playlist based on marketing's objective

2. Insights and Recommendations

Ring of Light Bulbs

We then analyze the data to look for insights that lead us to recommendations on what we can change with your current playlist to better achieve your objectives.

3. Implementation

Music Recording

We apply the changes to the playlist and repeat the process. We keep what works and improve what does not.

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