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What do Nike, Starbucks, and H&M have in common?

The answer?

Many things.

But since we’re asking the question, you know it has something to do with their in-store playlist.

These well-loved brands leave nothing to chance with their customer experience and one of the things they pay careful attention to is the music they play in-store.

(Have a listen to their own branded playlists here, here, and here.)

If the example these giants have set are not convincing enough for you, here are 3 more reasons you should start investing in your own in-store playlist.

1.Your music builds a positive customer experience

Music is central in building positive customer and guest experiences. According to research by MarketingCharts, 81% of consumers say that business background music lifts their mood, while 84% say it creates a better atmosphere overall.

2. You Build a Stronger Brand Identity

With so much emphasis on visual identity, it seems like music may be the winning piece of the puzzle.

Brands all too often forget the vital role of sound in establishing identity too.

According to Brand Mind, 96% of brands who use music that fit their identity are more likely to be recalled by consumers.

With so much to gain, it’s a surprise that 60% of businesses have not yet identified their brand sounds.

Are you part of the majority that is missing out?

3. Your music fosters customer loyalty

A study from Music Works found that 31% of consumers said they would return to a business if the music was right while 21% said they would also recommend that business, which is massive in securing prospective new customers, who will ultimately be converted into loyal, retained customers.

This explains why over two thirds of business owners claim that music encourages repeat business.

Music makes your ideal customers feel welcomed when they enter, understood once inside, and so more likely to return when they leave.


If the world’s most enduring brands are doing it then it might be something worth exploring.

A strategic approach to music selection not only enhances the customer experience but also fosters brand loyalty and creates a stronger brand identity.

Retailers and restaurants who embrace this concept stand to gain a competitive edge over the majority of competitors who are leaving so much on the table.

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