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Marico's all-around in-store marketing solution to connect with your customers in store. Easily play your audio ads whenever and wherever with Connect.
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Broadcast audio ads to your stores with



Efficient in-store radio marketing solution

Marico's Connect platform enables marketers to control what is playing inside their stores. Increase awareness among your customers and potentially drive sales by choosing which ads to play at a certain time of the day, powered with music that fits your brand.  All of these we do through the cloud.

Get all the of these powerful features with Connect Plus

  • Stream in-store radio content to your stores via - desktop or mobile. Online streaming only needs minimum bandwidth requirements ensuring smooth playback in stores

  • Head office gets access to the Connect dashboard where they can see which stores are online and which stores have already updated their content.

  • Send announcements to the stores through the messaging feature.

  • Localize your content. Be able to play different content in different stores for a better execution of your marketing strategy.

Get a hassle-free playback solution for your audio ads with Connect Basic

  • Easily play audio ads through the use of a USB drive. 

  • We deliver the USB drives directly to your stores so you don't have to worry about content distribution. 

  • Best for stores with no internet connection; just plug and play.

  • Get reports once your content is received by the stores.

Get started with your own in-store radio platform. Click here.

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