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Create your own in-store radio with Spotify

The popularity of e-commerce is forcing brands to upgrade the shopping experience in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Investing in the shopping experience allows physical locations to remain relevant to consumers who tend to prefer shopping online.

One inexpensive way to improve the shopping experience is with a customized in-store playlist.

Many have turned to Spotify for this, as it’s very cost effective, but are limited to only playing music.

If brands want to Include announcements and promos in their playlist they usually do it in two ways:

· Creating and distributing the playlist internally- which costs time.

· Outsourcing this to a third party provider- which costs money.

The good news is, a little-known feature on Spotify allows you to do this easily and for free.

Here is how to add your in-store announcements to your Spotify playlist.

How to Add Local Files to Your Spotify Playlist on Windows

Step 1: Open your Spotify desktop app

Start by launching your Spotify application. You will need to use the desktop version of the app for this procedure, as the feature is not available on mobile.

Step 2: Access the settings

Click on your Profile icon and name located in the upper right corner, then select 'Settings'. Alternatively, you can click on the horizontal ellipsis (three dots) located in the top-left section, then select 'Edit' -> 'Preferences'. Both paths lead to the same settings page.

Step 3: Activate the Show Local Files option

Scroll down until you find the 'Local Files' section. Toggle on the 'Show Local Files' button. This step will enable Spotify to locate and display music files stored on your device.

Step 4: Add your desired source

In the 'Music Library' section, click on 'ADD A SOURCE'. This will open a window for you to browse your device and select a folder containing the files you wish to add.

Step 5: Select your folder and confirm

Choose the folder where your promotional content or music files reside, then click on 'OK'. In this case, our files are located in the folder titled "Marico".

The selected folder now appears in the 'Show songs from' section in the Spotify app. You can easily toggle each folder on or off whenever you want.

Step 6: Access and use your local files

Return to the Home screen and select 'Your Library' on the left. From here, you can click on the 'Local Files' folder to access your promotional content or music files. You can play these files directly or add them to any of your Spotify playlists.

And that's it! With this feature, you can easily integrate your store's unique promotional announcements and offers into your music lineup, providing a much more engaging and informative shopping experience.

Your customers can now enjoy not just the fantastic melodies of your chosen tunes, but also stay updated with your latest store offerings, all through the convenience of your Spotify playlist.

Check out our free Spotify playlists that fit your brand here.

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