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Does Your In-store Radio Really Work?

After launching your in-store radio, you can’t just sit back and relax. This is just the beginning of a continuous process of refining and improving your in-store radio. The only way to effectively accomplish this is through customer feedback.

What Gets Measured Gets Improved

It's not enough to pick a music playlist, throw in some monthly ads, and let your in-store radio run on autopilot. If your goal is to increase conversion on in-store promos and brand awareness you need to measure the impact your in-store radio currently has with your customers. Through customer feedback, via in person surveys, you can do just that.

Get customer feedback on your in-store radio while they shop

Uncover Insights

Crafting great questions for your survey will allow you to understand how your customers are responding to your in-store radio. Are they aware of your offerings? Are they converting on your in-store promos? Do they enjoy the music you are playing for them? All these insights allow you to refine and improve your in-store radio content.

Better Marketing ROI

Marketers today must be able to know their return on investment on marketing channels- in- store radio should be no exception. By measuring your in-store radio’s impact, you can now see if your marketing budget is being put to good use. We have recently started our new service- Marico Data and Insights- that collects customer feedback for our client’s in-store radio. If you are interested, send us an email at

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