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Our team is here to support your business as we transition to the New Normal. We know that COVID-19 Pandemic has slowed down operations for physical stores and reducing risks of infection should be a top priority for business owners.
As our economy starts to reopen, here are some ways you can use in-store radio to reinforce minimum health standards inside your store. 

In-Store Safety Reminders

Most businesses are focused on keeping their customers safe while they shop. Using your in-store radio to give out constant reminders to “maintain social distancing” or “keep face masks on” helps to continually reinforce this message.
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In Store Radio Uses

Customer Reassurance

Re-assuring your customers of the safety measures your establishment is taking goes a long way in easing their mind while they are in your establishment. Include messages of the safety precautions you have in place such as “regular disinfection of surfaces” or “employee sanitation practices” that you are currently observing.
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Promote Your Online Presence

Let your customers know that their safety is your number one priority. Advertise your social media pages or online store to inform them that they can still buy your products while at home.

Lighten the Mood

With all that is going on, not everyone is in the highest of spirits. Lift up your customers’ moods with upbeat or relaxing music that will make their customer experience more enjoyable during these times.
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